1/69 scale Disney Nautilus Model Kit

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Complete kit for the construction of a Museum quality replica of Captain Nemo's famous submarine from Disney's 1954 classic,"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"

(31" overall length). Amazing reproduction of Nemo's Nautilus in 1/69th scale. Kit is manufactured from resin with white metal detail pieces. Features a fully detailed wheelhouse and removeable skiff. A beautiful Victorian-styled display stand is also included. The hull is hollow, and a suitably talented builder can add any number of details such as salon pieces, lighting and much more!

This model is large enough for the addition of R/C components for operation on or under the water. See below for more information!

$450 USD Plus Shipping

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31" Nautilus Crew in white metal: Brind your model to life with a complete, scale crew. This set of highly detailed, white metal figures was created by a German sculptor specifically for this model.

You get:Figures1Figures2

-Ned Land
-Ezmerelda (the seal!)
-First Mate
-Two divers
-Four crewmen

$75 USD Plus Shipping

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31" Nautilus Custom Lighting Kit: Custom designed by Randy Neubert specifically for this kit, the Nautilus Drydocks Special Effects kits make bringing this model to life easier than ever.


-Custom programmable startup sequence! Power on your model and have your lights slowly come to full brightness as the propeller powers up and the theme music from the movie begins playing. Create your own program or just use the one that comes pre-loaded with your board.

-Control lighting, motors, servos, and yes... even sound with one, easy to install module.

-Full remote control over all features: Use the included IR remote to control the features of your boat from across the room.

This kit includes everything that you need including wire, heat shrink tubing, driver board, SD card, speaker, IR remote, LEDs, power adapter and much more! Full instructions included.

Download the kit instructions here


(This kit requires electronic building skills.) Soldering and wire make up is required.

$250 USD Plus Shipping

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31" Nautilus WTC for Remote Control Conversion: For the experienced model builder, a ready-to-install watertight cylinder is now available for the Nautilus Drydocks 31" kits! This kit is necessary to convert the static display model into a fully functional model, ready to patrol the surface of your local pond, and even dive into the depths!

The SubDriver includes the servos and Electronic Speed Controller pre-installed. Also included are the micro servos, main drive motor and electronic speed controller. Additional components and modifications to the model will be needed for complete conversion and it is recommended that only experienced builders of R/C models undertake the conversion to R/C without help.

$450 USD Plus Shipping

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